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Virtual shops vs. Physical store - Dream Diva

There has been a dramatic shift in the way people buy things from a store with the emergence of information and communications technology. The Internet has become a widely used medium where consumers make purchases with just a few clicks or button over their mobile phones and tablets. Though there are still a few who prefer to personally visit a store, the majority of consumers today would vote for making their purchases online.


The most intriguing, if not controversial question, is: What on earth is the difference that it makes? To settle this question once and for all, let us try to go over the benefits of e-shopping over personal buying behaviours:

  1. Online shopping offers a hundred percent convenience – Within the comforts of your home, an elegant dress or a badly needed appliance could be delivered right at your doorstep. Choosing the right website and seller will guarantee you of quality products for your own satisfaction. Much more, items are handled by third party couriers who will extend your services with a smile, giving you more motivation for a repeat purchase.
  2. Saves your precious time and energy. – More than anything your family could ask for are the moments that you could spend with them. Instead of leaving the house just to grab your favourite makeup kit, why not make use of your smartphone or tablet to place an order online. It will not only rescue your face from dust and dirt but also provide you with a stress-free shopping experience.
  3. E-shopping spares you from driving through traffic congestion – There is no question that going to a mall is a fun-filled experience; yet, time is not at your hands for you to control. Being engrossed especially with buying your favourite items will make you forget that time is ticking fast until you realize that the moment you check out, it’s already peak hours and you have to drive through endless queues of cars and trucks on a superhighway. At times, unruly drivers will test your temper and before you know it, the fun you had earlier during the day was already spoiled along the way home.
  4. Discounts and other freebies are also available for online transactions – Have you ever wondered why you could take two items at the price of one? The answer is not found only when malls are offering a holiday sale. The same privilege could also be given if you purchase an item online especially when the product’ is selling like hotcakes and the investment made has already gained more than the profit from the seller. The point of giving it to the consumers is for the seller to dispose of items immediately so as to refill new items for the regular selling price.